Tech: The Typewriter

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Its been awhile when the last time Ive posted up an tech related post to this site, because I got some workload needed to be done in the timely fashion, hence, I dont got an time to write it about here, so please bear with me.. Today, what I have in mind was this awesome typewriter though others doesn’t familiar with this at all especially those teenage ones who haven’t see this tool on their school library to use to. In away, typewrite in now part of the vintage era and only collectors has it displayed on their collector’s shelves. But anyway, I think we can still consider this typewriter on this modern days, others is still using it though, because it can brings back memories thus it is easier for us though as well to make our work done because you don’t have to have this printer like the most computers do before you’ll got your work in hand.

Overall, this tool is still useable and can be use on today’s tasks. Check some online stores for it because others still selling this awesome finds.

Trends: The Chic Hair Chalks

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Have you wondered why these celebrities neither some well known personas like fashion enthusiasts and sorts are has this well and firm hair colors? if so, Let me tell you their secret. Yes! that wasn’t permanent and they can abolish it by simply washing their hair off. All you have to do is to have this miracle hair chalks. Others aren’t familiar with this one but for us fashion enthusiasts this hair product is just particular. You can check out online stores for variety of this kind and you can either check out some nearby beauty stores where you resides.

Sometimes, it is better for you to have an different looks and be quirky as possible for you in away to find your own fashion statements. Though you can allow to mimic others style but not all because you’ll have to make your own style though for you to be stand out. Then, I prefers you to try this hair chalks that can gives lively appeals on you as you use it to your hairs. You can check out the video below for you to know on how to apply it by yourself.

You don’t have to be well in beauty stuff to achieve a great look using the hair chalks Ive mentioned you. All you have to do is to have the courage to do the unusual to you. And eventually, you’ll used to it and you can make it off while your eyes are closed. Try to check on some tuts videos, besides the one I shared, for you to widen your knowledge about this hair chalks trends.


Quinceanera Dresses : The luxurious dresses that we should have

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Most of the ladies are had this dreamt to be or to at least have an royal type of events once in their life. Because ladies grown up watching these fantasy type of watching such as Cinderella, sleeping beauty and Snow White which one took part on some ladies fantasies by having this kind of theme party events. Mostly girls prepares to have these castle theme party for their 18th birthday to celebrate while others wanting counter part of it. Actually, anything that has relates to it is doable as long you’ll have a great dress to wear for you to pull off the them party.

I can suggest to you these Royal Blue Sweet 16 Dresses and Light Pink Quinceanera. Because these dresses can give you grace and you’ll feels like that you were the character you’d used to watched when you was a young. The Quinceanera dresses are usually wore in various of events such as: in prom, celebrating ones lady’s birthday and either in wedding. Because the dress is looking so luxurious thus it made really into kind of parties that everyone would enjoy to. You can check the graceful quinceanera dresses on weddingsheh here: for the list of trendy Quinceanera dresses that can’t get you wrong as you wears them.

They do have this pink Quinceanera dresses that are perfectly on your 18th birthday and prom night. Also, they did have these whites and in blue colors that are perfectly in sort of gatherings such wedding or engagement parties. Go check today and see for yourself on how great these Quinceanera dresses were.

A Wedding Ensemble to Remember

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Times are hard and every penny counts. We all know how expensive weddings are that is why we save and prepare as much as we can before that day comes. But sometimes no matter how much effort we put into saving, it is just not enough. No need to worry though because there are websites that we can shop in that offers cheap wedding gowns and other wedding must-haves. If we are on a tight budget, instead of hiring the services of a designer we can simply buy everything we need at a reliable online store.

 photo shoes_zps45b57cdf.png is an online store that offers a wide selection of wedding dresses, wedding party dresses, wedding accessories, special occasion dresses, lingerie, and wedding shoes for bride. Whatever style, hemline, silhouette, color, fabric etc. of wedding dress you prefer, has them. You can choose from among many at They likewise have a collection of discount wedding dresses 2015 that you can check out if your wedding is not in the immediate future. There are also shoes from Weddingshe designed for a girl to wear on her big day. Find the one that suits your wedding dress.

Chic Dresses

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Every girls are wanting to be looking chic and beautiful as they have to attend  in any gatherings whether for engagement party, special occasion party neither to their prom. I think, that’s how naturally vain is, those girls. That is why most of them are really keen to have some chic dresses from, where all the awesome dresses were listed, you can check their each dresses for your convenience. They did have these Tidebuy sweet 16 dresses, Tidebuy chinese sweet 16 party and Tidebuy cheap sweet sixteen dresses that can really get along in any killer heels , neither flats, you had. Plus, they did also caters some apparels besides to gowns and dresses that can gets your interests as well.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic is one of the leading online stores today where you could find all your needs. Because they aimed to give convenient to their consumers and for getting all the necessities together in their website. Tidebuy accepts PayPal for payment, bank transfer, western union and some affiliated banks credit cards. And they did also offers an free shipping once your order reaches at least 119 USD once you checkout. Yes! that’s how great this shop is.. I actually bought some items already and I got on what I’ve expected it was. I’ll be going to share some of the photos of my items pretty sure here, might on my next post. Hence, you better to check back for updates.

Sponsored Video: Uncaging Yourself #uncage #YouKnowYoureSingaporeanWhen

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It is good to see that men and women are a lot more in equal footing nowadays. This was not always the case since women were once considered second hand citizens. In some countries though, women are still treated this way until now. The same goes with homosexuals who are still looked down upon and are considered as social outcasts. That is why there are still those who are afraid to come out of the closet. They are afraid to be ridiculed and would rather conform with the common practice in society. They are “caged” and are afraid to break free.

 photo beer_zps6964dbde.jpg

Tiger Beer presents Tiger #uncage, its new campaign rallying people to break free from what is conventional and live the life they want. Uncage is all about looking at things differently with an open mind and following your instincts instead of the dictates of others. In the run up to National Day, Tiger Beer teamed up with Singapore’s Tree Potatoes, a popular Youtube channel featuring Aaron Khoo, Elliot Tan, and Janice Chiang. It has become one of the top three Youtube channels in Singapore inspite of starting just half a year ago. Being uncaged to them means stepping out of your comfort zone to pursue what you want in life.

In celebration of Tiger Beer National Day, Tree Potatoes came up with a video to showcase their love for Singapore and unleash local pride. Along with the hashtag #YouKnowYoureSingaporeanWhen, it documents the daily habits of Singaporeans such as their love for eating hawker food everyday, being able to speak three languages in one sentence, believing in their hearts that Singapore is always a safe place to live in, calling people by their rank even outside the office, everyone wears glasses, and complaining about the weather but getting defensive when foreigners complain about Singapore, among other things.

Uncaging the tiger within us is what Tiger Beer wants us to do. This world famous and award winning Singaporean beer brand is available in over 75 countries worldwide including Asia, Europe, USA, Latin America, Australia and the Middle East. Help spread the word by watching and sharing the video on Facebook and Twitter using #uncage. You can also share your thoughts about the video and unleash your pride about Singapore. Drop by and like the Tiger Beer Facebook page to know more about them and get the latest updates about the company.

Sponsored by: Tiger Beer

Top reasons to visit Portugal

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Portugal is located in South-West Europe and it attracts a lot of visitors every year. Most of them are people from Europe but there are some from other continents that have heard something about it. If you are a travel addict, you want to go to places you have never been before, then here is a list of reasons why you should go to Portugal if you have never been there before.

1. The weather. If you hate rain and cloudy weather then you should visit this country. It is not too hot and summer and not too cold in winter.

2. The food and wine. It is almost impossible to find a bad meal in this country. You can have a meal in a tiny café or a 5 star hotel, you will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food. This country boasts of great seafood dishes that if you are ever here you must try.

3. Great nightlife. If you are young then this is sure something you are looking for.

4. Cheap. Compared to many attractive travel destinations, Portugal is one of the cheapest that offers quality service and quality time spent. It offers peaceful, baggage-free travel.

5. Lisbon. The capital of Portugal is one of the most visited places in this country. There are so many things that you can see here. If you ever visit this city, Jeronios Monastery, St. George’s Castle, Parque das Nacoes, Madre de deus convent are few of the many things you should visit and see.

Why to visit Cambodia?

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There are plenty of interesting things that you can find in this country. You will meet warm and friendly people and this is the reason why some people stay longer in this country than planned. The most visited place in Cambodia is Angkor Wat Sites. There are many magical and majestic monuments, but the Angkor Wat Temple is the largest religious building in the world and is one of the highlights for everyone’s trip in this country. There are many Festivals that take place at different part of the year, and if you attend some of them you will learn a lot about Cambodia’s history. Bon Om Tuk or The Cambodia Water Festival is the largest Festival and many people have spent almost a full year preparing for this event.

This country is very cheap and you can buy a tasty meal for $1 to $3 depending on the dish you choose. The Nightlife is a bit different. Cambodians like to gather and drink with a good meal so it won’t be hard to find a bar, café or bistros with many shows and live bands, beer gardens and karaoke. You can visit the National Museum and learn a lot about Khmer history. This building was designed by renowned French architect George Groslier who wanted to preserve Khmer cultural heritage.

Technology gadgets

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There are tons of gadgets in the world now and there are more and more new. Some people don’t really follow the news related to gadgets and don’t use any of them but on the other side there are people that are gadget addicts and are buying as many as they can afford. Her is a list of gadgets that were popular in 2013:

1. Google Chromecast is a thumb-sized gizmo that after plugging it into one of your TV’s HDMI ports, you can fling videos and other content from your laptop, tablet or phone to the big screen. There are no wires involved.

2. Oculus Rift Development Kit. This kit aimed at the game developers. It is very addictive once you strap on this virtual-reality headset onto your noggin and experience it in action.

3. Pebble Smartwatch. This wearable gizmo acts as a satellite for your iPhone or Android handset, receiving snippets such as text-message notifications via Bluetooth and displaying them on its power-efficient E Ink display. Third-party developers can write programs to let it do everything from playing games to tracking your fitness. And of course it tells time.

4. Leap Motion Controller is pint-sized USB accessory for Windows PCs and Macs. It is an $80 preview of where man-machine interfaces may be head. Plug it and you can perform different task, from playing games to reading a newspaper by waving your hands in the air. The technology is also being built into laptops, starting with HP’s Envy17 Leap Motion SE.

Tips for traveling with children

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Traveling with children is always harder than traveling without them. But leaving them at home is not an option. So, before you start the trip, make sure you are prepared for it. Here are some tips for the parents. Read and follow these and you will be more prepared.
1. Make sure you get all the clothes and passports. It is your responsibility as parent to do that. If you don’t take any of that, it is your fault.

2. Plan your trip. You should plan everything before you leave the house.

3. Expect everything. You should expect everything from the children. That’s why you should imagine almost every possible scenario that might happen so prepare for everything!

4. Prepare for sickness, allergies. Make sure you bring all the medicine you need.

5. If you’re traveling by train, bus or plane, explain your children that they should be quiet and they should not disturb everyone around. Or find something that doesn’t make noise to keep them busy. At least today, with a lot of technology it should be easier than before. Bring snacks, drinks anything that they might need during the trip.

6. Organize a lot of small activities. If your children know what’s next, then they will be looking forward for that. But if you only have one activity, then most probably they will do whatever they want after it ends. So organize more and they will be busier.

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