Andriod or iOS?

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Android and iOS are very popular operating systems and considered as the best today. Those who have knowledge about technology can make difference between these and know about their pros and cons. But most of the people are not familiar with them and it is hard to choose one since they don’t know anything about them that will help them make a good decision. This is for those who want to learn the difference between them; here are few reasons why to choose one over the other.

Reasons Android is better than iOS:

1. Better notifications bar – When you see something in Android’s notification drawer, you can take action and respond without opening whatever app first.

2. Images with Contact list – Android can automatically import photos for your contacts (or allow you to set them yourself), so it’s much easier to see your friends’ faces in your virtual address book than it is with iOS.

3. More free applications – Android’s Google Play Store doesn’t always offer better quality, but it does offer far more options than the App Store.

Reasons iOS is better than Andriod:

1. iOS is more intuitive.

2. User Interface lags – Android phones suffer from lags in UI responses, even with the latest android version. iOS prioritize tasks or apps if user initiate new app or task. So iOS is lot smoother than androids.

3. Support and service.

4. Longer battery life.

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