Men Like To Watch Porn

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I no longer watch porn as often as I used to primarily because of my too busy schedule. I just no longer have the time for it. Another reason is probably because I have already outgrown that stage. When I was a teenager I remember watching all types of porn videos regularly. It may sound weird for people who are not too open minded about things like this but watching pornography is pretty normal behavior for men. There are women who also watch porn but men are more prone to watching them. It is an exciting and convenient way to relieve stress, kill time, and satisfy a craving. It is also easily accessible 24/7 so naturally we watch and enjoy ourselves.

Another reason why we watch porn is to learn all kinds of new moves or sex positions and eventually put them into practice. There is nothing more ego boosting than a man who gets a lot of praises by being good in bed. It is also a way of being more faithful to our partners (believe it or not). It really stops us from cheating because it eases our sexual curiosity and meets our erotic fantasies, thus making us less likely to be unfaithful. It is no secret that men are visually oriented and seeing all those beautiful and sexy women is a feast to our eyes. Furthermore, porn is funny and entertaining. So much weird stuff goes on and the acting is hilarious.

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